Lucy Gray Baird
District 12 symbol

Lucy Gray Baird

Rachel Zegler




Musician and entertainer; victor of the 10th Hunger Games


Missing following a confrontation with Coryo Snow on the outskirts of District 12 the summer following the 10th Hunger Games


The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes


Lucy Gray Baird at the reaping
In a time before surviving the Hunger Games required showmanship, Lucy Gray Baird’s mastery with audiences endears her to the Capitol. Charismatic and clear-eyed, Lucy Gray is as skilled at performing a role as she is at telling the bare truth, skills that allow her to face whatever comes her way with equal fortitude and flair. She arrives at the reaping unwilling to grant satisfaction to anyone trying to keep her down. Called up as tribute, she struts across the platform in a distinctive rainbow dress singing her personal declaration of freedom. Raised within the Covey, Lucy Gray has spent her life performing on stages, writing songs, and stirring the hearts of crowds. As a tribute, she uses these skills to make herself unforgettable. Despite starvation, imprisonment, and a pending death sentence in the games, she determinedly retains her poise and self- possession, easily charming Capitol spectators and her mentor, 18-year- old Coriolanus Snow, with her singular wit and warmth. 
Lucy Gray Baird and Snow
Lucy Gray Baird in the arena

Lucy Gray’s pride and pleasure in everything it means to be Covey is visible in the dress she chooses to wear on reaping day for the 10th Hunger Games. Having belonged to her late mother, Lucy Gray’s rainbow ruffled dress is a statement of self-possession in the face of dehumanisation. Before she even reaches the Capitol, Lucy Gray has made an impression.