Coryo Snow
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Coriolanus "Coryo" Snow

Tom Blyth




Academy student and 10th Hunger Games mentor; later, District 12 Peacekeeper then apprentice Gamemaker


Lives to be the future President of Panem


The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes


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Coriolanus Snow is the son of General Crassus Snow, who died in battle when he is eight. Having also lost his mother due to illness, Coriolanus grew up an orphan in the Capitol with his cousin Tigris and his Grandma’am. Young Coriolanus Snow (or Coryo for short) is Capitol royalty, and his entitlement to prestige and power is, for him, a given. 

Growing up during the siege of the Capitol, and in financial destitution following the war, has made Coryo all the more determined to return his family to their former glory. Ambitious yet dispassionate, shrewd but optimistic, Coryo is impatient to put his hardships behind him and step into the future he deserves. Maintaining appearances is a survival skill Coryo learns well from his Grandma’am.
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By age 18, he is adept at hiding his true feelings while navigating the social cues and pressures required to succeed at the Academy. Serving as a student mentor during the 10th Hunger Games he sees an opportunity to earn a University scholarship and secure his future amongst the Capitol elite without ever exposing how close the Snows have come to ruin. Coriolanus Snow will go on to become the president of Panem.